ZX32 Spectrum Emulator

ZX32 Spectrum Emulator

ZX32 Spectrum Emulator is a program that can emulate a ZX Spectrum in your PC
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ZX32 Spectrum Emulator is a program that can emulate a Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer on your PC.
On the Internet there are thousands of available programs that were designed to run on this old computer from the eighties. With this emulator, you will be able to run them if you own a computer with any Windows system installed, from Windows 95 to Windows 7. You will need to adjust your system to a video mode of 640x480, 16 bits, because the program cannot handle higher definitions.

The emulator can work as ZX Spectrum 48K, +, +2, +2A, +3 or 128. You can enable a memory slowdown that will be needed for some special effects to work properly, emulate tape loadings, adjust the display size and screen update, the input controls (you can use a joystick or your keyboard), and set the emulator´s priority when you are running it.

You will not need to install this program, you will be able to use it by running the executable. Your screen will display the utilities that your emulated computer had built-in (Tape Loader, 128 BASIC, 48 BASIC, Calculator, Tape Tester) and you can load any of the programs that you can download from lots of sites.

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